Our History

Al’s Modern Clothing & Shoes is a family owned business that started in 1969 as Player’s Modern Clothing.The name was changed to Al’s Modern Clothing & Shoes in October of 2018.Our motto has always been a store that TIES a man to success.The customer is our main priority and we take pride in making sure that every customer is ultimately satisfied.

Quality is an essence of GREATNESS…Al’s Modern Clothing & Shoes will definitely put you in the category of GREATNESS.Our custom suits are constructed with the finest Italian fabric.Our off the rack suits are also made with high quality wool fabric.

Al’s Modern Clothing & Shoes carry a wide variety of shoes that are flown in from Italy and Spain.The feeling of a well dressed man can only be explained by the man himself.The staff here at Al’s Modern Clothing & Shoes take pride in making sure that every man gets a chance to have that ultimate feeling of GREATNESS.This why we specialize in making sure our customers are hooked up from head to toe.